Navigation consoles for ships, navy vessels and yachts

Navigation and control consoles


Navigation consoles are manufactured according to an individual project or the basic technical requirements of the project for the ship.


The navigation consoles have strict requirements for ergonomics, maximum reliability and modern design. The company “NEPTUN-ELECTRO” develops, manufactures and installs navigation consoles of any complexity: from simple ones for small vessels, boats or yachts to the most complex consoles for large ships and ships.
In addition to being compact, design and ergonomics are a priority in the design and manufacture of navigation consoles. The main priority when placing equipment on the panels of navigation consoles is the convenience of the captain when performing certain operations of control and maneuvering of the vessel. Navigation consoles manufactured by NEPTUN-ELECTRO are developed taking into account the requirements of the ship’s project to ensure optimal design and ergonomics of the wheelhouse.

NEPTUN-ELECTRO has great experience in the design and manufacture of navigation consoles. Our navigation consoles are successfully operated on domestic and foreign vessels, boats and yachts.

Drawnings and photos

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