Main switchboards and distribution panels for ships and yachts

Main switchboards and distribution switchboards


Distribution boards, main switchboards, and other ship switchboards are made according to an individual project or the basic technical requirements of the project for the ship.


Since the founding of NEPTUN-ELECTRO, the main activity has been the design and manufacture of power distribution devices (TRU) and main distribution boards (MSB).

Thanks to the great experience and highly skilled specialists, the electrical distribution devices of our production are of high quality and reliability.


The company “NEPTUNE-ELECTRO” develops, manufactures and installs switchboards of any complexity: from a simple distribution panel with several circuit breakers to the most complex multifunctional automatic switchboards (instrumentation boards) and main switchboard. Thanks to the use of modern components from the world’s leading manufacturers Schneider Electric, Wiedmuller, Socomec, Rittal, our switchboards are exceptionally reliable and small.

The main switchboard (MSB) is the most complex technical device, equipped with instrumentation, circuit breakers and automation equipment.

Our company designs and manufactures main switchboards of any complexity – from simple single-section to multi-section switchboards with automatic generator synchronization and power distribution devices. At the same time, the design of the switchboard is developed primarily considering the requirements of high reliability, ease of installation and ease of use.


Since the manufacture of new electrical switchboard is often quite costly, the NEPTUN-ELECTRO company carries out the retrofits of the existing main switchboards.

Drawnings and photos

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