Automatic control systems for ship machinery

Machinery control systems


Control systems are manufactured according to an individual project or the technical requirements of the project for the unit.



For individual subsystems or units on a ship, often automated control systems with individual functions and algorithms are required. Neptun-Electro manufactures automated control systems for ship machinery or systems based on industrial logic controllers from Schneider Electric.

Machinery control systems, for example, a ramp control system, are manufactured based on the necessary functions of the unit in the complex and are accepted by the classification society. The systems are supplied with all necessary sensors and signaling devices.

Solutions can be both local and integrated into the ship’s alarm, monitoring and control system (IAMCS).

Various human-machine interface elements are used to visualize and control the unit – from lamps and buttons to displays with a large touchscreen. Components are used only from the world’s leading brands and certified by classification societies, IACS members.

Drawnings and photos

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