Emergency engine telegraph ENTEL

Emergency engine telegraph ENTEL for controlling of one, two or three main engines

Emergency engine telegraph ENTEL for transmission from of commands for controlling main engines


  • Total number of commands -10
  • The number of commands “AHEAD” – 5
  • The number of commands “ASTERN” – 4
  • Ability to connect to the VDR (“black box”) – yes
  • Signaling of power loss to ship alarm system – yes
  • Power Loss Alarm Type – potential free contact
  • Maximum length of data cable – 300 m
  • Power consumption of one unit – less than 6W
  • Output for signaling devices –  24VDC
  • Maximum total current consumption of alarm devices – 4A
  • Operating ambient temperature range  -20 … 60 ° С
  • Maximum ambient humidity – 80%
  • The degree of protection of telegraph units – IP22, IP44



Emergency engine telegraph “ENTEL” is designed to transmit commands to control the main engines from the wheelhouse to the engine room and receive responses about the execution of these commands. The telegraph is used as a backup device of communication for the remote automated control systems for main engines installed on the ship.

Engine telegraph “ENTEL” consists of two main units – command unit, installed in the wheelhouse and executive unit, installed in the engine room. Telegraph allows you to transmit 10 basic commands to control the main engine of a vessel, boat or yacht.

As a communication line between the command and execution units of the Engine telegraph, a digital communication line of the “current loop” type is used. This ensures high noise immunity of information transmission, and, consequently, reliable operation of the “ENTEL” telegraph. In addition, only two cores of a standard twisted pair ship cable are used to transmit information.

Almost any existing signaling unit can be used as signaling means for the executive unit of the engine telegraph: horns, lights, etc. For the wheelhouse, a compact sound signaling device is supplied, which is built into the navigation console.

The engine telegraph “ENTEL” can be supplied to a ship with any number of main engines – for this, the required number of pairs “command” – “executive” is simply installed.

As an option, data is provided to the Voyage Data Recorder (VDR) in NMEA format.

Engine telegraph “ENTEL” has passed all the necessary tests and received a certificate from the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping

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