Alarm and control systems

Alarm, monitoring and control systems


Integrated alarm and control systems for ships are manufactured according to an individual project or the basic technical requirements of the project for the ship.



Neptun-Electro is an official certified system integrator of Böning Automationstechnologie GmbH & Co. KG (Germany) and manufactures modern integrated alarm and control systems for ships and yachts.


The main requirements for modern ship automation systems are:

Possibility to connect as many peripheral systems as possible to the IAMCS

Keeping a history of alarms

Remote access capability – monitoring from mobile devices

Providing remote service over the Internet

Remote monitoring of the parameters of connected third-party systems, such as main engines.

Integration with radio navigation equipment – integrated bridge

Flexible use of displays for monitoring and control. Function reservation.

Redundancy of data buses if necessary

All these requirements are met by our systems based on Böning equipment.

Optionally, for modern design consoles, custom-made control panels are available, as well as Smart Bridges, the main idea of ​​which is to integrate maximum functions in the smallest possible space for navigating by the boatmaster or captain.

Drawnings and photos

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