Watch Alarm Panel (BNWAS) AHD-WAOP



Product Features

Technical information
Operation voltage 24V DC +30% / -25%
Maximum load max. 250 mA
Operating temperature -15°C … 70°C
Storage temperature -50°C … 85°C
Weight 400 g
Protection Class IP 65 front, IP 20 rear
Dimensions 70 mm x 130 mm x 80 mm
Inputs: 4 inputs for external buttons
External Start input
External Stop input
Outputs: External buzzer (250VAC/0,5A)
Alarm 2 (250VAC/0,5A)
General Alarm (250VAC/0,5A)
Fault output (250VAC/0,5A)
Interfaces: RS 485 (2 terminals for communication, e.g. with VDR )
Approvals / Classification Societies GL, LR, MCA



The AHD-WAOP watch alarm panel (BNWAS) meets the requirements settled in IEC62616-1. The watch alarm panel ensures the watch standby of the bridge crew.


The watch duty times can be changed after entering a user code. The selected time runs down and has to be acknowledged before it runs off. If there is no acknowledgement, predefined alarms are raised successively:

First the display and the mushroom button of the device start flashing,

  • followed by the internal buzzer and Alarm Relay “Stage 1”,
  • followed by the internal buzzer and Alarm Relay ”Stage 2”,
  • followed by Alarm Relay “Stage 3”.


For a better recognition, the display of the unit is by turns illuminated red and green, the mushroom button flashes red.


For the watch alarm panel times up to 12 minutes can be selected.

The AHD-WAOP watch alarm panel is equipped with a mushroom button. If the mushroom button is pushed for 5 seconds, an emergency alarm is triggered. Pushing the mushroom button again will deactivate the alarm.

All system configurations as for example change of time, change of passwords and many more are performed with the system keys and are displayed on the screen. Up to four external acknowledgement buttons can be directly connected, allowing an easy acknowledgement of alarms from different points on the bridge (freely extendable by parallel connection).

Drawings and photos

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