Camera AHD-VC 760

Remote pan and tilt control

Weather-Proof Colour Camera


Design Weather-proof Bosch Day/Night Camera LTC-0495/11 in stainless steel housing NXM2K1000B/AISI 316, incl. sun shade, remote con- trollable pan/tilt-head NXPTH211 and connection box AK-380/V4A, integr. thermostat regulated heat- ing, degree of protection IP 66/IP 67
Image Sensor: 1/3“ Interline Transfer CCD
Luminous Sensitivity: < 0.7 Lux with day/night function
Resolution: 540 TV lines (color) 570 TV lines (B/W)
Lens: F1.2/6.0 – 48 mm (38°h – 7°h)
Panning: 340°, 5°/с
Tilting: ± 340°, 3°/с
Power Supply: 230 V AC , 50/60 Hz Conn. box 24 V AC , 50/60 Hz Camera+ P/T
Ambient Temperature: -35°C … +50°C
Camera Ø x L:
P/T-Head: W x H x L:
Connection Box: W x H x D:
154 mm x 460 mm
160 mm x 250 mm x 286 mm
380mm x 300mm x 155 mm
Weight, Camera: Pan/Tilt-Head: appr. 8.0 kg appr. 15.0 kg


The AHD-VC 760 is a high resolution color camera in a weather resistant high quality stainless steel housing, with an additional stainless steel housing for pan / tilt remote control, and a separate connection box for electrical connections and power supply.

Drawings and photos

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