Examples of completed projects

Power management and IAMCS for m/y “Sunrise”

Ship automation, Switchboards, Yachts

Integrated alarm, monitoring and control system (IAMCS), power management system and electrical switchboards for 90 ft. motor yacht “Sunrise”. IAMCS system integrates TimeZero Professional navigation software, CCTV, alarms, doors and hatches ...

Ship alarm and monitoring system for harbor boat project POSS-403 built in Bulgaria. System based on Böning AHD 1310F displays and equipped with duty call system for UMS class ships (unmanned machinery space).

Small ship alarm and monitoring system based on two Böning's AHD 1310G displays.

Alarm system of oil skimmer

Ship automation

Alarm, monitoring and control system for oil skimmer vessel НМ440 based on Böning equipment

Ramp control system

Ship automation

Automated ramp control system of non-self-propelled loading vessel project С14938 The system provides automatic and manual modes of operation, as well as control from a wireless key fob

Set of switchboards for speed boats

Ship automation, Switchboards

Main switchboards, the set of switchboards and automation system cabinets for two speed boats are manufactured.

Control and alarm system based on Böning equipment with 2 AHD1215F displays.

Manufacturing of the alarm system cabinet based on BÖNING equipment for the SKIF yacht of project 09140, built at the Liman shipyard in Nikolaev

A complex of electrical installation works on a 30-meter sailing yacht Albina of project 09139, built at the Liman shipyard, Nikolaev, was completed. Completed cable installation - 25 km, installation and connection of electrical equipment...

Main switchboard and switchboard set for 2 boats

Ship automation, Switchboards

Main switchboards, a set of switchboards and automation system cabinets for two boats are manufactured.

Battery monitoring panel AVM-01

Ship automation, Yachts

The AVM-01 battery voltage monitoring panel provides monitoring of up to 6 batteries simultaneously. Alarm is activated for critical parameters

Level control panel TLM-01

Ship automation, Yachts

Level control panel in 6 yacht tanks TLM-01. Used in conjunction with float resistive level sensors - VETUS, for example

Main switchboard, emergency switchboard and distribution switchboards of the motor yacht of project LK24F, 24 m length, built in Nikolaev.

Main switchboard and distribution panels yacht “MAKSIMUS”

Electric installation, Switchboards, Yachts

Main switchboard for the sailing yacht “MAKSIMUS”, built at the FLAGMAN shipyard, Nikolaev. performs the functions of distributing electricity to all sources, monitoring and managing batteries.

Main switchboard of the yacht of the project L-655 “Bright Line”

Electric installation, Switchboards, Yachts

The main switchboard / distribution panel of the sailing yacht of the project L-655 “Bright Line” for distribution of electricity from all sources and control of batteries.

Universal tachometer TA-12M

Ship automation

Universal tachometer with contactless speed sensors for monitoring the speed of the propeller shaft or any other unit. The tachometer has a 6-digit display and an run hours meter function.

The "SKYLINE-M" navigation lights control panel is designed to control 8 single navigation lights with the possibility of power supply backup.

The “PULSE-T” whistle operation panel provides control of 2 typhons (fog horns) and one maneuvering light in accordance with the requirements of the COLREG rules.

The "SKYLINE" navigation lights control panel is designed to control 16 double navigation lights with the power supply backup.

Emergency engine telegraph ENTEL is intended for transmission from Wheel House to Engine Room of 10 commands for controlling of main engine. The emergency engine telegraph can be connected to VDR

Alarm panel “AAD-01”

Ship automation

Alarm panel “AAD-01” with 4-line liquid crystal display. The panel displays up to 128 alarm signals received via the RS-485 interface and is configurable using the PC software.

Chain counter ZA-12M

Ship automation

Chain length counter ZA-12M for measuring the length of the etched chain on all types of anchor and mooring devices using contactless inductive sensors.

The "PULSE-A" unit provides control of the general alarm system based on horns/bells and warning lamps, generating automatic signals "Man overboard", "Abandon Ship","General Alarm",

Alarm unit “SES”

Ship automation

12-channel fully configurable “SES” alarm unit.

Electrical installation on the “Moguchy” tug

Electric installation, Switchboards

Electrical installation and retrofit of the main switchboard for new generators of higher power.

Turnkey electrical part, floating fuel stations

Electric installation, Ship automation, Switchboards

Production of switchboards, supply of equipment, cables, electrical installation and commissioning at 2 floating fuel stations for boats and yachts in Kremenchug, Ukraine

Electrical installation on yacht “Adita”

Electric installation, Switchboards

Electrical installation on the yacht “Adita” (“Vedi”), converted from a 42-meter pleasure motor ship of project 935M.

Control cabinet of the signaling and control system of the steering system for the "Volgo-Don" type vessel. Provides control of a steering gear with 2 hydraulic pumps and has 12 alarm signals.

Main switchboard and switchboard set for the floating office center in Kiev.

Retrofit of power management for electrical propulsion of the "Ecotech" cable ship: replacement of equipment, electrical installation, retrofit of the electric propulsion board.

Manufacturing of control cabinets for ballast systems of a floating dock

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