General Alarm Unit AHD-GAP F

with fire alarm

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Product Features

  • Operation of signal horn from wheelhouse in case of an emergency situation
  • Preprogrammed signals such as “Abandon Ship,“ “General Alarm,“ “Fire Alarm“
  • Key for manual signal se-quences
  • Integrated priority circuit



The control panel AHD-GAP F is designed for the control of acoustic and optical signals in emergency situations. In addition to the manual activation of the horn, common mandatory signals such as “Abandon Ship,“ “General Alarm,“ and “Fire Alarm“ are already hard-coded and can be activated in selectable intervals. The first keystroke activates the preprogrammed signal sequence, while a second keystroke deactivates the previously activated signal sequence.

The integrated priority circuit ensures that the signal “Abandon ship” has proiority over the signals “General Alarm,“ and “Fire Alarm“. Upon activation of the manual signal generator, currently running signal sequences are paused for 20 seconds and then resumed.

Additionally, the general alarm sequence can be triggered by an externally connected AHD-WAOP (Watch Alarm unit BNWAS). The unit is protected against unintended activation with a keylock. Manual signals can be generated even in case of a malfunction of the unit.

The AHD-GAP F is designed for installation in bridge consoles and further control stands. The front panel’s entire surface is coated with a waterproof, UV resistant and durable plastic film. All controls are illuminated glare-free for a safe operation at night time. The signal LEDs’ brightness is automatically adjusted to the ambient light by a built-in photo sensor. The pluggable Phönix terminal strip guarantees simple and fast connection as well as exchange of the device.

Drawings and photos AHD-GAP

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