Video Signal Converter AHD-VSC C

without connectors

Video signal and power converter for video cameras

Product Features

  • Conversion of standard video output signal of camera into a differential signal for increased transmission quality
  • Transformation of 24VDC power supply from video distribution and control unit AHD-VDCU to, by default, required 12VDC power supply for the camera
  • Integration of RS485 data cable for transmission of camera remote control commands
  • Tubular protection box with preconfigured connection cable for camera connection and RJ45 connection socket for plug connection of CAT5 cable
  • Internal electronic circuits are molded-in to increase degree of protection


The video signal converter AHD-VSC C is used for connection of standard AHD-VC cameras to video distribution and control unit AHD-VDCU by means of a CAT5 cable. The connection comprises the transmission of video signal and control commands as well as the power supply of the camera.

Drawings and photos AHD-VSC-C

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