Video Distribution Control Unit AHD-VDCU 16/16

16 cameras / 16 outputs

Video distribution control unit for 16 сameras and 16 outputs

Product Features

  • Compact electronic unit with basic plate for surface mounting installation in consoles, control panels or control cabinets
  • Power supply 18 … 32VDC
  • 16 video signal inputs with RJ45 sockets for connection of video cameras with CAT5 cable incl. video signal transmission, data communication for camera control and power supply (connection via camera signal converter AHD-VSC C)
  • 16 video signal outputs with BNC plug connector (1Vpp, 75Ohm) for video signal transmission of selected input channels to connected displays or monitors
  • 2 CAN-bus interface for data communication video control panels AHD-VCP and connected displays/PC for camera control
  • RS232 interface for configuration
  • 3 serial inputs for configurable control functions



The video distribution and control unit AHD-VDCU 16/16 is designed for connection of max. 16 video cameras. External operating panels or displays with operating functions are connected via CAN-bus with the device for control of cameras and for distribution of received and processed video signals via max. 16 video signal outputs.

Drawings and photos AHD-VDCU 16/16

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