Emergency control panels for the navigation lights control system AHD-DPS02 E07/E14

7 / 14 lamps

Navigation and signal lights control


The switch units AHD-DPS02 E07/AHD-DPS02 E14 are additional emergency control panels for the navigation lights system. With these panels the navigation lamps – in addition to the control from the bridge display – can be controlled, if necessary, from a remote location aboard the ship.

With the panel lamps connected to an extension module AHD-DPS02 A07 (AHD-DPS02 E07) or to the basic module AHD-DPS02 G14 (AHD-DPS02 E14)  can be switched. In case of an emergency situation the panels are activated over the switch (Disable/Enable) on the switch unit AHD-DPS02 E14. Each lamp circuit is controlled with an own switch.

Drawings and photos AHD-DPS02 E07/E14

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