Main Engine Start-Stop Systems. Control panel AHD-EOP

Main engine start/stop

Main engine start/stop with an electronic key

Product Features

  • Compact design for installation in consoles, control panels or control cabinets
  • Front dimension 70mm x 130mm
  • Degree of protection IP 67 (front side) for in and outdoor application
  • One engine operation panel AHD-EOP to be assigned for each ship main engine
  • Connection directly to engine switch box or via adapter module
  • AHD-EOP units can be cascaded
  • Simple installation in further control stands with reduced cabling demand
  • Release of engine operation by means of pluggable transponder key
  • Retraction of transponder key from keyhole with running engine will, as a standard, result in engine stopping
  • Coding of transponder key by means of a master key
  • Transmission of coding to further transponder keys is available
  • Increased protection against unauthorized operation
  • Illuminated push button for ignition release as well as for start and stop in front panel of the unit
  • Integrated emergency stop push button
  • Integrated charge control lamp
  • Automatic dimming of illumination
  • Connection of further engine operation panel AHD-EOP or AHD-DEOP by means of 8-pole connection sockets on rear side of the unit



The engine operation panel AHD-EOP is a microprocessor-controlled device for the convenient and safe start-stop function of ship main engines. Instead of conventional key mechanics, the release of the engine operation is performed by means of a pluggable transponder key.

Drawings and photos AHD-EOP

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