Panel computer for alarm and control systems AHD 1224 G

24-inch screen

Panel PC with glass screen


  • Glass touchscreen displays
  • All in one solution for quick installation – saves space and costs
  • Can be used with existing systems
  • Completely new development



Böning  Automationstechnologie’s new generation of displays expands its product range in the display cate-gory with innovative devices. Combining increased performance and functionality in a  valuable  modern  design,  they  increase operational safety and ease of operation on ship bridges.

Their luminosity of at least 1000 cd/m2ensures good readability at all times, even during bright sunlight. Automatic dimming further  ensures  that  the  displays  operate without glare especially when cruising at night.

Automotive components allow the displays to be used in greater temperature ranges than previous displays.

Their 24 V DC power supply makes these devices espe-cially suitable for use on ships.

The newest-generation capacitive touchscreen allows comfortable operation without visible threads. The latest display technology provides even more brilliant colors and a markedly increased viewing angle (In-Plane Switching IPS).

The powerful Panel PCs AHD1224G allow safe and reliable operation, even in extreme conditions. The visualization system  with  embedded  operating system    operates   completely   autonomously. Advantage: it requires neither firewalls nor virus scanners, and in addition, the configuration cannot be changed by accident. These PCs were especially developed for maritime use. The absence of moveable  parts,  such as hard  disks, makes the device insensitive to shock and thus ideally suited for use on ships. The passive cooling system significantly contributes to its operational safety.

Technical Data
Power supply 24 V DC (+30% / -25%)
Power consumption Ca. 80 W (24 V DC)
Ambient temperature -30°C…+55°C
(-30°C…+70°C at interior console
temperature of max. +45°C)
Storage temperature -50°C…+85°C
Weight Ca. 15 kg
Dimensions W x H x D 614 x 384 x 115 mm Installation depth min. 140 mm
Panel cutout 587 x 357 mm
Protection class IP 56 (front side), IP 20 (rear side)
Processor 2.0 GHz Dual Core
Flash disk 128 GB
Approvals DNV GL, LR, RS
Interfaces 7 x CAN (6 x system integration, 1 x remote control)
1 x RS 232 (for example for GPS)
1 x LAN
2 x USB (for example for a mouse)
1 x Video (50 Hz, PAL, BNC)
2 x DVI IN (Optional)
1 x VGA (Optional)
Digital IN (4 x opto-coupler)
Digital OUT (5 x relay)
Resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels Full HD (H x V)
Luminosity 1000 cd/m2
Contrast 2000:1
Viewing angle Horizontal -89° / +89°
vertical -89° / +89°
Required distance to compass Steering magnetic compass: 1.00 m
Standard magnetic compass: 1.80 m
Item number 20213
16363 (With DVI and VGA)

Drawings and photos

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