Remote control panel for displays AHD-DC

control and indication

Color Display / Panel Computer Control Panel

Product Features

  • Compact design for console installation, it can be built into the armrest of the navigator’s chair
  • Protection degree IP67 (front side)
  • Buttons and numeric indicators for color display and source selection
  • Keypad with buttons for cursor control and acknowledgment of acoustic and visual alarms
  • Automatic LED backlight
  • Additional interface for separate joystick
  • Communication with connected systems / displays via CAN-bus



Panel with keypad and digital indicators for control of color panel computers (type AHD 12XX) and information displays (type AHD 11XX) 15 “and 19”.

From the control panels you can call up all video frames and activate any of the control fields on them.

One of several displays can be selected from the AHD‑DC panel for operation from different control positions.

Up to ten displays can be controlled from one AHD-DC panel. Additional AHD-DRM display control panels can be connected to the AHD-DC panel.

The AHD-DC panel uses the same CAN bus as other control panels for transmitting control commands for displays is connected to. All controllable displays are also connected to the CAN bus.

The CAN bus control bus is separated from other CAN bus systems (for example, the SAS-CAN of the ship alarm system or the CAN bus of the main engine) to ensure interference-free data transmission.

To increase reliability, each AHD-DC control panel is separately connected to a 24 VDC power supply.

Технические данные:
Размеры Ш x В x Г: 70 x 130 x 66 мм
Масса: ок. 0,3 кг
Внешние условия:
Рабочая температура: -30°C … +70°C
Температура хранения: -50°C … +85°C
Степень защиты:

IP 66, с лицевой стороны

IP 10, с обрат. стороны

Электрические данные:
Электропитание: 24В пост.тока (+30% -25%)
Потребление, макс.: 40 мA (24В пост. тока)
1 x CAN Передача команд управления CAN дисплеями
2-полюсный клеммник Подключение электропитания 24 В пост. тока

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