Data Processing Station AHD-DPU 9

6 CAN ports

Head processor module for monitoring and alarm systems

Product Features

  • Capture of external data sources
  • Distribution of processed data to external display and control units
  • Function as configurable watch standby system
  • Internal data memory for local securing of events, re-trievable via visualization



AHD-DPU 9 is a universal data station for all signals and data accruing on board of a ship. For example, the AHD-DPU 9 can capture and process external data sources, measurement and performance data from motors, generators and ship alarm systems and make them available within a ship wide Böning system. Status messages, such as watch standby and alarms can also be processed. The internal memory can store up to 16,000 events. At the same time, the AHD-DPU 9 can per-form mathematical and logical operations (PLC functionality).

The AHD-DPU 9 includes 28 I/O ports confi-gurable e.g. for AHD-PS15, AHD-PS30, AHD-PS47, and AHD-R101, as well as direct input or output channels.
The AHD-DPU 9 can visualize these data on up to 7 monitors, connected via Ethernet. Numerous interfaces (e.g. CAN, serial interface and binary inputs/outputs) ensure a problem free integration into the vessel’s infrastructure. AHD-DPU 9 can assume the function of Böning devices AHD-UCC, AHD-UIC and AHD 882.

Drawings and photos AHD-DPU 9

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