Control panel for bow thruster AHD 502

fixed pitch propeller

Control and monitoring unit for fixed pitch propeller bow thruster with 3-phase asynchronous motor

Product Features

  • Compact design for console, panel or switchbox installation
  • Front dimension 192mm x 144mm, insertion depth 45mm
  • Degree of protection IP 67
  • Weight approx. 1.0 kg
  • Power supply 24 V DC +30%/-25%
  • Current consumption max. 0.5 A
  • Identical construction of units, therefore easy spare part handling
  • Compact design and minimized demand of cabling
  • CAN-bus communication (3 x CAN) to control units in wing control stands and to central unit in power section
  • Simple operation of bow thruster, direct control of power stages by means of illuminated command push buttons
  • 3,5” TFT colour display, transflective with backlight for display of all operating conditions, actual motor current as well as actual alarms, system menu
  • Automatic and adjustable illumination control
  • Acoustical and visual signalization of all alarms
  • Potential free contact outputs for common alarm and external horn
  • Integrated service menu for display of internal system condition, call of alarm log and programming of current limits
  • Power request to power management system by means of pushing “power request” with feedback signal input “power ready” (controlled by master unit)
  • Integrated push button “emergency stop”, emergency stop function even available in case of system breakdown by means of direct termination
  • Optionally optocoupler input for connection of binary data station AHD-PS15 e.g. for connection of external joystick controller
  • System menu for service, configuration and status messages. The most important parameters may be polled or configured at site.
  • Integrated RS422 interface to voyage data recorder, galvanically isolated. Data protocol acc. to. IEC-61162-1 standard
  • Type test approvals for leading classification societies



The control unit AHD 502 is a microprocessor-controlled device for operation and indication of measuring point data of power of a bow thruster, consisting of a 3-phase-asynchronous motor (slip-ring rotor) with fixed propeller. As a standard, control units are installed in wheelhouse control console (master control unit) and in wing control stands (slave control units) of the ship.

Drawings and photos AHD-502

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