Central control unit for bow thruster AHD 501

fixed pitch propeller

Central control unit for fixed pitch propeller bow thruster with 3-phase asynchronous motor

Product Features

  • Profile module for installation on standard profile rails in consoles, control panels or control cabinets
  • Degree of protection IP 20
  • Weight approx. 0.7 kg
  • Power supply 24 V DC +30%/-25%
  • Current consumption max. 0.5 A
  • CAN-bus data communication with up to 3 control units AHD 502
  • Direct control of direction, stage and interstage contactors including feedback monitoring
  • Control of 3 main stages (70%, 85%, 100%) and up to 6 interstages
  • Fan control and monitoring
  • 2-phase monitoring of motor current (galvanically isolated) and of winding temperatures in the motor
  • Monitoring of oil level of motor
  • Check of contactor control voltage (circuit breaker)
  • Controllable direct-locking of 100-percent-stage
  • High rating of relay for contactor control; the demand of auxiliary contactors is only required in exceptional cases
  • 3 integrated LED-status indications for power supply, failure and alarm
  • USB diagnostics interface for service, configuration and status messages. All the most important parameters may be polled or configured at site
  • Type test approvals for leading classification societies



The central unit AHD 501 is a microprocessor-controlled device comprising all required in and outputs for control and monitoring of the power section of a bow thruster, consisting of a 3-phase-asynchronous motor (slip-ring rotor) with fixed propeller. The central unit is installed in power section resp. in the control cabinet of the bow thruster.

Drawings and photos AHD-501

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