Spill Warning Gauge AHD-SW II

for two tanks

Product Features

  • Independently operating spill warning gauge for 2 fuel oil tanks
  • Built-in housing with weather-proof, robust design for outdoor use on deck
  • Degree of protection IP 67
  • Installation of several gauges per tank possible
  • Serial data communication with data station AHD-SAS 15, which records and transmits the tank level content
  • LED-scale for tank level display
  • Interval warning tone and flashing yellow LED indication at warning
  • Steady warning tone and flashing red LED indication at alarm
  • Clearly audible warning tone in outdoor area
  • Warning message is transmitted to data station AHD-SAS 15
  • Muting of acoustic alarm by means of integrated push button within gauge



The spill warning gauge AHD-SW II displays the contents of 2 fuel oil tanks independently, each by means of a LED-scale, and supports environmental protection by activation of acoustic and optic alarm on impending fuel spillage during bunker procedure.

Drawings and photos AHD-SW II

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