On Duty/Engineer Call Panel AHD-PS 15B

8 channels

Selection of the engine room service mode and selection of the watch engineer

Product Features

  • Compact design for console, panel or switchbox installation
  • Front dimension100mm x 130mm, installation depth 55mm
  • Degree of protection IP 20
  • Selector switches, with appropriate single LED indication, for selection of “engine room manned/unmanned” and for up to 5 engineers on duty as well as engineer call
  • Input for external engineer call
  • Data communication with central unit AHD 882 via serial interface
  • Type approved by Germanischer Lloyd (further approvals on demand)



The AHD-PS 15B is a monitoring and control device, which is used for selection of personnel on duty within Duty Alarm/Engineer Call System on board ships, which are classified for all or temporarily unmanned machinery rooms.

Drawings and photos AHD 406-2

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