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Company history, experience, certificates and licenses

Advanced technology and
22 years of experience

The NEPTUNE-ELECTRO company was founded in 1998. Since start, the main activity of the company was the design of electrical part, radio communication, navigation and automation, as well as the manufacture of electrical equipment for shipbuilding – main switchboards, navigation consoles and power distribution devices.

The design of electrical part and automation is the most important of all directions, because the quality and reliability of power supply and automation systems primarily depend on the project. To implement this, NEPTUNE-ELECTRO has a team of highly qualified designers.

Since 2004, we have started to manufacture ship electronics and systems. The following systems were put into production: engine telegraph, navigation lights control panel, tachometer, chain counter, an alarm panel.

A special area of ​​activity of the company “NEPTUNE-ELECTRO” is the design, development and manufacture of ship alarm systems and automation. To implement these systems, our specialists were trained, and the company received the status of a system integrator from Schneider Electric and Böning Automationstechnologie. Currently, the most demanded solution on market is integrated automation systems, including navigation, automation, ship alarm system, communication control, monitoring and control of ship mechanisms and systems. The implementation of such systems is one of the leading directions of NEPTUNE-ELECTRO’s activity.

system integrator

Our company is a certified system integrator of the company SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC and the company BÖNING AUTOMATIONSTECHNOLOGIE

Official service agent

We are the official service agent of the Swedish company Marine Jet Power.

Why us?

  • High-quality components of world brands

  • High qualifications and experience of engineers and workers

  • Innovative solutions in automation

  • Certified and trained staff

  • Turnkey solutions for electrical, navigation and automation

  • Fast technical support

  • High quality

  • Complex technical solutions

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